Updates to our Partner Advantage program help partners differentiate and grow their businessesUpdates to our Partner Advantage program help partners differentiate and grow their businessesChief of Global Partner Programs & Strategy

As we look ahead to the second half of 2020, we wanted to share updates to the Partner Advantage program across several core areas.

Recognition as a certified professional on Google Cloud or G Suite is the first major step an individual can take to demonstrate their level of skill and knowledge on Google Cloud. We offer several learning and training opportunities of which you can take advantage:

Customer success
Customer success is the driving force behind a partner’s entire differentiation journey. Highlighting your customer wins and showcasing what you do in the market along the way builds credibility. Customer success stories also help you meet eligibility requirements for Expertise (one public story required) and Specialization (at least three required). 

To help you easily share your customer wins, we’ve introduced a new customer success story tool to accelerate and simplify highlighting your phenomenal stories—find it on the Partner Advantage portal

While you can find a wealth of partner customer showcases on the Google Cloud Partner Directory, here are a few of the many great examples of customer success from our partners:

Partner Expertise demonstrates your early customer success at a more granular level across products, priority solutions, and/or industries segments, based on a defined set of requirements, including customer evidence. All partners are welcome to apply for Partner Expertise, no matter the business model.

New Expertise areas for which Partners can apply:

Our partners continue to showcase their commitment via Expertise in solutions and industries:

Partner Specialization remains the highest level of achievement within the partner journey. It represents the strongest signal of proficiency and experience with Google Cloud, while helping you maintain a consistent practice that delights the customer. Congratulations to all of our partners who have achieved this milestone or renewed in 1H 2020: