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Multi Domain Strategy
Multi Domain Strategy involves buying up domains and having them all for the same client or the same purpose.  Its actually tricky to properly make one work without competing with yourself. Competing with yourself is not only counterproductive but keep in mind position is king and so having 2nd and 3rd place on the search page isn’t likely better than having 1st place. Multi Domain Strategy though can work well in niche areas or location based where each site is assigned a targeted purpose. When you consider Data502 and Cloud502 two of my domains one is for data that site doesn’t try to overlap into cloud computing which is the purpose of Cloud502.Multi Domain Strategy
Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique is the obvious way to rank and the one no one really seems to want to do.  Have the best content around stand over your competitors pages and you’ll reap the reward of having organic backlinks because of your superior product. It is time consuming it is slow going … it is the most secure white hat method to building your site’s authority and backlinks.  Earn it…well not so fast.  Here are a few other sites guides and discussion on this strategy.

The Beginner’s Guide To Skyscraper Technique

Political SEO

political seo

Rather than compete with something I already made here is the link to my political seo site.

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I have a solid record of identifying a problem and making a solution that yields measurable results. I was recently the technology manager for a political campaign where I built a WHM/cPanel server on CentOS using Amazon Web Services to host about 14 WordPress websites. The server also provides mailing lists, a team management site, RSS feeds augmentation and its own name servers. I was able to get the server and sites built in a couple months.I’ve managed the SEO and Adwords for these sites and have data that helps demonstrate the value I added to the organization.I created the following sites for myself:​ (Bootstrap)​ (HTML/CSS)
I currently host all of these sites on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 server running CentOS and WHM. I also built an SQL server with large tables of voter records, city crimes, city financial payments, jail population censuses, web traffic data. This web server is integrated with Google Data Studio providing easily understood graphics. I used Google Cloud Platform for the SQL database solution.


site traffic channel results were organic and social media driven
site sources channel results were Adwords and paid searches
Each of these sites is intended to attract different target crowds and through SEO optimization, these sites were indexed with the keywords we needed. I’m able to see the effect of this through Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
Search Console lets us see what Google indexed
It’s important that sites remain fresh and update often. Several RSS feeds are collected into one site that then publishes posts through feeds that meet the target audience of different sites. The sites also have keyword auto linking. In the political campaign we built links for the office our candidate was seeking and links for the other candidate to a negative news site. I also posted custom content further building the content quality.All of these sites had updated sitemaps and robots.txt files.
With content that offers linked keywords tailored to the site’s
audiences I were able to build on our page traffic and
relevancy. Within Weeks we were a top result between the 3rd and 6th position for our competitor’s name.I have built a network of these sites, with keywords in the domain name. This can be helpful in SEO ranking but also has been proven to increase user click rates with users in unpaid searches. Some sites have a more newspaper feel, some a magazine, others may focus on videos but all of them are meant to capture users and ultimately direct them to a site targeted to them.


data studio
Google Analytics Site Statistics Using Google Data Studio and Adwords 

Social Media

I’ve integrated Youtube and Facebook accounts as well as created Tumblr, Pinterest and other social media accounts that can be auto updated from the sites posts. These are intended to continue to spread the word about our site and activities. The social media links improve our ranking. These feeder sites funnel users into the campaign’s primary site.


The SEO of ​​ was something I was asked to improve and through these sites and social media posts I improved its position from 63rd to 3.6 when searching the candidates name on Google in under two months. Several other keywords are now are well associated with the site. The additional targeted sites and social media accounts were essential to improving the main site’s ranking by giving me plenty of opportunity to back link to the original site.
Performance using Google Adwords. We have a highly targeted audience (one county’s primary voters) On a weekend day before 5pm 14,000 times the candidates name was displayed, 3.4%
clicked the search Ads which is actually pretty good. Our Videos are viewed at 28% meaning 1,210 videos were watched. Our target was 2% CTR and 15% View Rate.
The numbers above compare the current 3 day period with the previous 3 day period.



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