While operates a cPanel server cluster and hosts multiple domains we feel the real value we can offer small businesses and organizations is to configure cloud servers that offer clients scalable, high availability, superior data centers and infrastructure and ease of use.   You can be your own host for under five dollars a month using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform.  You can host multiple sites with a cPanel server for under twenty dollars. These monthly rates aren’t paid to Cloud502 but are direct with AWS and or GCP.

aws and gpc

Pricing Differences

Google Cloud Price List

Includes a credit that can be used to test out the cloud environment. Micro servers start just under $5.

Amazon Web Services

Includes a free tier where micro servers are free.

dedicated cloud virtual server

You can operate your own dedicated virtual server in the cloud for under twenty dollars on either platform and utilize their enterprise infrastructure that made either organization the success it is today.

Cloud502 will configure and migrate your sites to these servers as a service. If you are interested in this please contact us.

For More Information:

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